We can’t tell you how lucky, excited, proud, humbled and completely overwhelmed we have been over the last 3 days! County Jet Clean are pleased to announce we have been part of an absolutely amazing team on BBC’s DIY SOS :0)

During the summer, County Jet Clean was contacted by the BBC team, DIY SOS to participate in a televised project, in which the team would renovate and customise a family’s home to facilitate a young son who was left wheelchair bound by a progressive illness.

Julie and Kate immediately agreed to help, and rearranged their schedule on short notice to be on site for two full days. The back garden of the home had been turned into a crisp, clean, wheelchair friendly area, with CJC’s support and expertise. In addition to this, the team helped to clear skips of wood and rubbish, so they could surface clean and finish the block paved driveway to leave it looking as good as new.

A firm advocate of feisty females succeeding in a ‘man’s business’, Nick Knowels was blown away by the quality of equipment and the efficiency with which Julie and Kate worked tirelessly to leave every surface around the home pristine and ready for action. Their contribution was a perfect finishing touch to the amazing project.

Both Julie and Kate were present at the family reveal and concluded, “The DIY SOS team is made up of inspiring and genuinely great people; it has been a humbling and emotional experience.”

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