Driveway Jet Cleaning

There is nothing nicer than a clean, weed free driveway … that’s what our customers think!

Driveway cleaning is one of our most popular services, the results speak for themselves. Tarmac is revived after a thorough jet wash and surface clean. Block paving is treated with an industrial weed killer, then deep cleaned and re-sanded. Block Pave Sealing is also an option that can inhibit weed growth and bring out the blocks original colour.

Why invest in pressure washing equipment, when the domestic scale jet washers (like the household Karcher which is designed for washing the car) can’t come close to the level of deep clean we can get with our commercial scale equipment. We’ve invested so you don’t have too.  Plus we are sure you have better things to do with your time. Our fully loaded van equipped with rotary surface cleaner and water carrier means we can be in and out so much faster than doing it yourselves.

If you are thinking of putting your property on the market, you might have spruced up the inside, but don’t forget, the entrance, driveway, front path and steps are the first things your buyers will see. A small investment in cleaning the driveway and paving, walls or steps can add value to your home and make that all important good first impression.

Do you have a family wedding coming up? Garden party perhaps, we love working with you to make sure the paths to the marquee, the paving and patios are all ready for your champagne reception.

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